Artist Spotlight

Saint Evo From: Kenya and resident of Kajiado County Music genre: Specializes in Afro House and House music in all its forms What do you do in the music industry? I am a DJ/Producer.  My first love was music production. The whole idea of translating feelings into sound has always awed me. So when IContinue reading “Artist Spotlight”

AfrikaBurn-Africa’s version of Burning Man

As the only official regional Burning Man event in Africa, AfrikaBurn continues to draw people from all walks of life and has been doing so since its initiation in 2007. The festival brings over 13,000 people together annually, making it the biggest arts festival in Africa. Each year has a theme that inspires the artContinue reading “AfrikaBurn-Africa’s version of Burning Man”

Artist Spotlight

Siphe Tebeka Profession: Music producer and DJ From: South Africa Music genre: Afro House and Afro Techno How did you get into music? It all started in 2007 when a friend introduced me to Fruity Loops. It’s a music production software used to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master music. I loved making music,Continue reading “Artist Spotlight”

Cape Town Electronic Music Festival

Established in 2012 as a platform for South Africa’s burgeoning Electronic and house music culture, the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is one of the most exciting and inclusive boutique music festivals in Africa. Afro-tunes had the pleasure of speaking with CTEMF founder David Ireton about the inspiration behind the festival, it’s Non-profit foundation forContinue reading “Cape Town Electronic Music Festival”

Koroga Festival

Koroga festival is a Kenyan Festival that takes place every two months. This year (2020) celebrations and artists performances were held at Hell’s gate national park but festival locations do change from month to month. Due to government imposed lock down in Kenya, the May installation of Koroga festival was moved online. Fans were ableContinue reading “Koroga Festival”


Originating from the French Antilles of Guadeloupe and Martinique you’ll hear this music blasting during at carnival time. Zouk was originally sung in Creole language. The creole word ‘Zouke’ is from the French verb secouer, which loosely means ‘to party’ and was first used on the islands to refer to nightlong dance parties.  Initially, theContinue reading “Zouk”

Kizomba Music

You may have heard of the dance style of Kizomba but did you know that it’s also a music genre? Do you know the origins of this sensual, melodic music? Don’t worry if you don’t because I am here to help you with that! Kizomba music originates from Angola. The word ‘Kizomba’ means dance inContinue reading “Kizomba Music”

Covid-19 and the Music Industry

The Corona virus Pandemic has caused clausal damage for a lot of industries such as travel and tourism. For example, we’ve witnessed it taking its first corporate casualty in the form of Flybe air-lines. Unfortunately, the music industry is not and has not been exempt from this damage.  For a music lover like me, whoContinue reading “Covid-19 and the Music Industry”

Bongo Flava Music

Bongo flava music is the nick name given to Tanzanian music. Bongo is the plural from Swahili word ubongo, meaning brain and is common nick name used to refer to Dar El Salam in Tanzania, where the genre originates. This style of music combines American Hip hop with traditional Tanzanian styles such as taarab andContinue reading “Bongo Flava Music”

5 Afro-Beats festivals you must attend in 2020/21

If you love Afro-pop music, like us then you’ll want to know which are the hottest festivals to checkout this year. These festivals are sure to let your soul feel free enough to shaku shaku or do any other dance of your choice. Here are the best festivals for that vibe 1. Afrochella, Accra GhanaContinue reading “5 Afro-Beats festivals you must attend in 2020/21”

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