Covid-19 and the Music Industry

The Corona virus Pandemic has caused clausal damage for a lot of industries such as travel and tourism. For example, we’ve witnessed it taking its first corporate casualty in the form of Flybe air-lines. Unfortunately, the music industry is not and has not been exempt from this damage.

 For a music lover like me, who enjoys travelling for live concerts/festivals, this is devastating. For me (and maybe for many of you out there) this is upsetting on two fronts. Firstly, for the fans and secondly for the artists and everyone else working in the background to make these events possible.

As you know this blog is all about African music (new and old), from Africa and the diaspora. Therefore, it’s only right’s we consider the impact that this pandemic is having on this group.


Despite growing popularity of African music genres such as Afro-beats, Afro-pop, Bongo flava etc, many artists struggle to achieve financial success from their music.

“As a musician this is a difficult time as we make most of our income from live performances. But everything is currently on lock down in Uganda”

from Azawi

The main source of income for most musicians is through live performances and endorsements. Almost all performances have been cancelled due to government enforced lock downs, while endorsements are usually only offered to the bigger artists who’s music has crossed over and is well known in the ‘Western World’.

This is clearly a dyer situation, especially for those artists that are not as well-known. I feel like soon we may wake up to find that Corona virus has claimed yet another industry in the form African music and therefore African musicians’ livelihoods.

This Is How You Can Support the African Music Industry

I reached out to some artists to find out what we as fans can do to help them and the industry during these testing times and here is what they said:

“These are testing times and the best thing that fans can do for us is to continue to stream our music, introduce others to our music and of course stay safe. This is difficult is a difficult time but God will help us through”

from Azawi

“Continue to listen, dance and workout to our music”

from Eddy Kenzo

“Let’s pray for Uganda and all Ugandans. This situation is very sad indeed and I wish that I was able to help everyone.”

from King Saha

Leave a comment and if you want to find out about new posts, follow me on Instagram on @lailah256. I leave you with this song from King Saha called “Golola Ekkubo” asking God to help us through this pandemic

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